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SketchCrawl Inc.?

The good news is, the next announced sketchcrawl is October 16th. I may organize one around Salem, MA. It could be cool.

Well, maybe.

Right now, I'm on the fence. The email I rec'd from SketchCrawl.com was very different from the fun, wide-open, no-rules announcements of the past.

First, there was this:
- A key thing, help us spread the word!
If you are reading this, we are sure you have a number of friends that might be interested in this as much as you are. Tell them about S

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Aug. 15th, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
if i saw that notice

i'd get a bunch of erasers
and put the person's name(email) who wrote that email on them
and give em out at the sketch crawl

if you seen any fun make sure you use this!

its kind of like the stupid artist who trade marked/copywrit "poppet"
and is suing other artists for using it
I think that should not have been allowed in the first place

Aug. 15th, 2010 05:48 pm (UTC)
The "poppet" case sounds like it would not hold up in court. (That said, I'm not an attorney, so that's simply my opinion.)

There's no case unless the other user is doing a line-by-line exact copy of the work and/or deliberately trying to confuse customers as to who made it. Then copyright issues might be involved.

"Poppet" is a word that's been in use since at least 1729 to mean a doll. It comes from an even older word, the Romanic "puppa" (and Latin "pupa") meaning girl, also doll or puppet. (Ref. Oxford American Dictionary, 1933 edition)

I can see that Claudine Hellmuth trademarked the word, but only as a brand name for her "Artwork, namely photo collage and line-drawn artworks, sold as original works on paper and canvas and on paper greeting cards; stationery, scrapbook products, namely albums, album pages, stickers; rubber-stamps and paper gift items, namely gift bags, gift tags and wrapping paper."

The generic use of the word to describe a doll... nobody can copyright or trademark that.

If she -- or anyone -- is trying to take full control of the use of the word "poppet," that's folly, and a fast way to alienate people in the dollmaking and art fields, in general.
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