Still happy, still making art

Almost 20 years ago, I added my husband — then, a stranger over 1500 miles away — to my LJ Friends list.

We got to know one another, fell in love (during a year of online chats, long before Zoom, etc.), met, moved in together, and soon married.

We're still in "happily every after" mode. I'm still making art, but I'm also writing. He's still in pre-press, and — though the pandemic has kept us at home, mostly — we still get out for adventures, now and then.

You can still follow me at, where I'm posting lots of art again. (There are over 400 art-related articles there, now. I wrote all of them.)

If you're reading this and know me from way-back-when, I hope you'll leave a comment. 

I'll check back now & then, and enjoy the smiles.

Meanwhile, I hope you're safe, happy, and healthy. And enjoying the holiday season... no matter which holidays you celebrate, and what time of year it is as you read this.


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