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Aisling's LJ

living happily ever after

Aisling D'Art

I create art. All kinds of art.

For over ten years, my online name was Aisling D'Art, of Aisling.net. Late in 2007, 'Aisling D'Art' shifted focus to paper arts and mixed media. (My fine art is under my real name.)

In May 2008, HT and I moved from Texas to NH with no job, no new home, and no safety net. What we had were dreams and goals. It took us a few tense months to get settled, but in September 2008, we landed in a cute, rural apartment surrounded by trees and beautiful views of tree-covered hills and a suggestion of mountains. (The White Mountains are within about an hour or so of our home.)

With this move, a lot changes in our lives. For one thing, I'm far more career-focused... and understanding how our quality of life affects that.

I rarely post at LJ. I agree with the late Kurt Vonnegut, about writing: "Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted."

So, I don't post unless I have something interesting to share... and it's usually a link rather than anything about me, personally.

I don't actually read LJ very often, so if you want me to know about something, email me or use the contact form at my websites.

And, especially at holidays: I advocate firm, sensible boundaries. My good wishes to you are about my wishes, not necessarily the phrasing. If you cannot accept my good wishes because you reject the holidays that I celebrate or how I phrased my good wishes, you probably won't like other things that I think, say or do, either.

In fact, I generally don't post for people to comment one way or the other. Oh, I'm always happy to hear that my links or ideas are useful. However, snarky comments are the fastest way for me to remove you from my Friends list.

(Remember: One person's "funny" can be someone else's "snarky", and sarcastic humor rarely conveys well in text.)

If you're nodding enthusiastically as you read this, you're probably a self-confident and independent thinker. Welcome!